Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vice Versa BOM 2014

April 2014
This was a fun block to sew!!
First our BOM leader, Ann Marie at gen X quilters really loves this block and it is so great to share in another's excitement!! Plus, I am just loving how modern and clean these blocks are sewing up!
This is my first time doing a solid color quilt and I am here to say it will not be my last!
This BOM has really opened up my sewing world to the idea that a solid is more than just an accent fabric or a thing that goes on the back!!


MARCH 2014

A new month and new block...sort of :)
When I printed the packet of directions for this months block I was confused for a minute. As I looked over the pages I had this really weird feeling and thought, didn't I already sew this block?!?! what was going on!!
Well, a quick review of my site here told me the answer! two BOM's this year have chosen the same block!
OK! mental-meltdown averted and sewing commenced! Finished results are in :))
and here is my block ...

and here is it's reverse...

February 2014

January 2014

More Block's of the Month under construction :) 

This time I am sewing along with Annemarie of Gen X Quilters for her 2014 BOM called Vise Versa. The patterns that are emailed to you each month cost $15 for the year (you can pay once or make monthly payments too). And you will need to buy your own fabrics. But wowzer is this a cute modern quilt!

Here are my January blocks all done! Check this thing out, how cool is this! notice that the first block is the "normal" block and the second block is the "reverse" block. so the whites and solids swap places for this really interesting effect!

My plan was actually to let this BOM be on the to do list for the second week of each month but I just couldn't help myself! haha maybe I can wait next month??

These were pretty easy blocks to assemble but it took me a few minutes to sit back and LOOK at the pieces I cut and do nothing else but get my brain to visualize what needed to be done!

The pattern calls for pieces A,B,C,D,E,F and not dark blue, light blue, etc. so taking your time on this one is really important!
I am glad I did because after I made all the HST (half-square triangles) I tried to lay them out into what would be the finished block placement. It just didn't seem right at first, then I realized I had misplaced the gray and dark blue.
Thankfully I was patient with these blocks and did not jump into sewing so it was a simple matter of just moving the cut pieces into the correct placement :) all problems were avoided!!
and my finished Pete and Repeat blocks...

I am so happy with the way these turned out. I have never done a quilt in all solids before!! I thought the fabric picking and placing was going to be really hard. But good news to report, it was very easy! I am even thinking of adding a couple more (purple is on my mind) to this mix.

Oh and if your wondering I am using Kona solids and yes I still need to make a good light box for taking better color quality pictures! That sounds like a good weekend project for me to tackle :)

Hope you like my blocks and maybe check out this BOM! Pop back next month for the February blocks :) and a big THANK YOU goes out to my darling daughter who has graciously allowed me to borrow her sewing machine while mine is being serviced :) you are da bomb!!

Happy sewing!

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Diane-crewe said...

I am a fan of solid fabrics .. and your look great xx Big YES to your daughter for sharing her machine xx