Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Classics Meet Modern 2014 BOM

April 2014

I was not so sure about this block at first. I knew the fabrics from the first pull, but how to arrange them I really had a hard time deciding.

First, I knew I did not want to do the obvious double Z more modern pattern.To me this looks like two sea horses kissing...ok not a bad thing but not something I really wanted to sew lol.

So I ended up here with a center pin wheel and and X border.
March 2014
Oh how I really don't like to sew the drunkards path! I just wish I could be one of those people who can drink and function!!! well, not really but man these blocks give me a super stress out!!! and they don't call it the "drunkards" path for nothing!
Can we all just scream bias cuts!!!! and trouble is this block needs the stretch to keep things neat so I can't use the finicky sewers helper can of super extra strength starch on them!
But, as you can see I was successful!!! yeah me :)
I just love the color selections in this one! I had this one swimming in my head as I was selecting the fabrics. I just new the center was going to be black...seems to be the "theme" on this quilt. but I also knew that I wanted to do a dark vs light for each of the outside blocks. I did lots of sorting and resorting and selecting and finally found the colors that suited my "vision".
And here it is in all it's glorious doneness!!!
FEBRUARY 2014 Amethyst Block
Busy busy busy! and I am loving it!
Here is my version of this months Classics Meet Modern Block of the Month.
Look at that!!!.... Y seams...ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! but it really wasn't all that bad, granted mine are not perfect but good enough for me to love :)
FYI... I don't know what my camera did with the white on this block but those 4 pink looking bits are in reality white (Kona snow) fabric?!?! I really need to get better lighting in my sewing room lol!
My goal/rule for this quilt is to try my hand at more modern looks. I haven't the faintest idea if I am really achieving this but hey, I love these two blocks that I've made for this quilt thus far!!!

January 2014 {Polar}Bear Paw Block
And here I go again... haha... another block of the month quilt. This one was intriguing to me because I have no idea what this quilt entails or what the finish will look like-- at all! I just decided to join this sew along because I have never and have always wanted to make a bear paw block! We shall see where this adventure takes me. For further information on this BOM check it out Classics Meet Modern 2014 BOM. offered by Sew at Home Mummy.
Now for the bad news...and I just figured this would be the case!!!
I recently bought just enough white Kona fabric to use in making the Vice Versa BOM that I have posted about before. I just knew at the time that I was in for trouble later if I didn't buy more...just in case. But like a dummy head I didn't give in to that just buy it feeling...UGH! 
Well, here we are at the just in case moment. After I decided to join this BOM I went to pull some white out to make this block. I debated on robbing Peter to pay Paul from the Vice Vera fabric stash but decided to just go to the white bucket and pull from what I had on hand. Unfortunately, all I had with any sort of quantity was a white that I used on my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt as part of the backing. It is kinda thin and has a bit of a sheen to it.
Yesterday I cut out all the squares needed to sew the {Polar} Bear Paw block and today sat down and sewed up the block.
I am not happy with the turn out at all! and the main reason is my use of that shiny thin white fabric. I took a gamble and used what I had before purchasing more idea and this time it was a big fat rotten goose egg failure .
Back to the cutting board...sorry Peter but Paul will pay you back in a couple of days, I promise!

Here is to better sewing luck tomorrow...

BREAKING NEWS...update...I redid the block...I knew I would lol

In the end the need to feel happy about this block just overtook me. It isn't a very difficult block to do so I said, GO FOR IT!
 ***plus I have my machine back from the shop!!! super happy dance over here right now!*** it sews like it is bran new!!!
And here is my new and improved (in my mind any how) Polar Bear Paw Block :)
I used Kona white for the white and not the shiny thin stuff I used on the last block. Plus, I found a new print for the center. I thought this blue would be more pleasing to my eye than the other and I was right. I am now satisfied and can say the January block is done!
Happy sewing!
Melodee :)


Diane-crewe said...

well in the picture it looks OK .. could you back it with something rather than remaking the whole bolock .. unless you want to of course xx

Melodee said...

Diane-crewe the new on is cut out and ready to sew tomorrow lol. I toyed with the idea of just keeping it as is but the urge to try it again with some Kona has caught me! we will see if it was all worth the effort tomorrow :)but thank you for the kind words!!