Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stash Bee BOM 2014

April 2014
New month new hive member is in charge! This time it is Kim from Windsor and Main who has requested the cutest block! I really loved how little main fabric this one needs!
I am thinking that once I get all my ducks in a row and a few WIP's and UFO's out of the way I am going to use this block to clean up some of my larger scraps in the now 6 tubs of scraps!!! Here's hoping I can keep up with myself sheesh! happy sewing everyone!!

March 2014
My month!! :) YIPEE FOR ME!!! here is what I had the gals sew up for me...
I created the pattern from an image I had seen on Pinterest. I like to keep my graph paper notebook and colored pencils next to my bed and when I am on Pinterest or the internet and find an image that strikes me as a must do I like to take out this notebook and sketch up how I would make the block or thing to look for me. I had sketched up this block last year and blogged about it here.
The gals in my hive, Hive 6 of Stash Bee, were all A-OK with my tutorial too! Thank you ma'am! I was a bit nervous because we all have our own ways of doing things and I was unsure if this would translate well into helping others know what I mean and how I mean for them to do the thing.
At this time I have received all the blocks from the ladies in my hive. I had taken a picture of what I had on hand and thought, incorrectly is seems, that this was all the blocks I was going to receive.
Well, surprise surprise! the next day in the mail two more blocks arrived! I had mistakenly marked all blocks as received on my list when in reality I had only seen online that these two blocks had been made!
This actually was really great news! While I love this quilt (in the picture above), it is kind of long and narrow. I would have loved to add another row to right side and beef up the size of this quilt. Fate is seems intervened and with the addition of two more blocks this made the decision easy! 
I am now in the process of making more of my own blocks to complete this top! I will update with the finished top soon :)
On my list of what's next for this quilt is how to quilt it??? I know I want to do a pearl cotton hand quilt but how I will actually do this is still in the clouds.
February 2014
Here we go again! another month and a new Hive Mama and a new block.
This month we were challenged to make two kinds of blocks, Either a 13.5 x 6.5 block or a 6.5 x 6.5 block. we were told we could use any fabric we liked and could choose our method of applique but we were to pick any type of flower or heart to applique onto the blocks.
I couldn't choose just one so I decided to do a few :)


Well here I go again...another Block of the Month sew along for me this year! 2014 is off to a great start!!

This time I am doing the Stash Bee. Unfortunately, I do believe the Bee is closed to new members for this year (I could be wrong) but keep it in mind for next year! Sign ups being in December :)

With this bee I will be working in a team (they are called hives) to create cooperative quilts :) It's like the old time Quilt Bee with each member making just one block to be added to one quilt.

We rotate being the lady (aka Queen Bee) to receive the blocks each month so everyone in the Hive will have a quilt all their own sometime throughout the year (I'm March)!

And even better the quilt blocks we make each month are different! Each month a new Queen Bee gets to pick out what block the other hive members will make and we send that block to her.

When making a traditional quilt I decide what block to make then set about collecting fabric and sewing each block myself.

But in a Quilt Bee, I still pick the block and give color suggestions but my hive members pick the exact fabrics and sew each of the blocks up!  When I receive the blocks it will be my job to sew them into final quilt.

Here is my finish for the January block :) It was sewn for Courtney who blogs here.

When I first saw the tutorial from Courtney on this block I thought oh how cute and so easy peasy! look all straight lines (no curves!).
But once I got to the work of sewing I made a mountain out of a mole hill and really made this a tough block to line up! But isn't that just how it goes when we are sewing something for someone else?? I am pleased with the block and I truly hope that my block plays well with the others :)
More on this project next month,
Happy sewing!!
Melodee :)


Yanick B. said...

It's really cute, Melodee! I can't wait to see all of the blocks together on her quilt.

Diane-crewe said...

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL blocks arrived to day xx LOVE all the fancy stitches xx Thank you so much xx