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Sugar Block Club BOM 2014

APRIL 2014
Here we go, another cool block!
I know I have bit off quilt a lot this year with all the BOM's and QAL's I'm in but I am having a blast!
This BOM is no exception! The BOM leader for this group, Amy Gibson, has also included a thing with our blocks called "Beyond the Block" where she gives us brain food as well as yummy treats to bake up!
This month the sweet treat was an apple cobbler and it was fantastic! The kids especially loved this one because we had it for "dinner" and it was served with ice cream! say what?!?!?! yeap! Ice cream WITH dinner lol!

MARCH 2014
It is that time again....more fun blocks being sewn up! This months block was a bit challenging...paper piecing!!! but it wasn't so bad (only the long point blocks were paper pieced) and I starched the heck out of them lol so they stayed where I wanted them!
In the end I am very happy with the way this block turned out! But funny thing is, my camera is not showing the colors correctly on this block. Specifically, the large points are reading royalish blue when in fact they are more of a teal to turquoise. But all laid out the three blocks for this BOM are so awesome together!

It is the first of the month and time for some new block finishes!!! But first, let's talk about my new hobby :)
This afternoon I spent the day with some great friends (who sadly are moving to Australia..but how great is that on second thought!!! but we sure will miss seeing them!) making valentine cards. It was great fun!! I have never actually made cards before, we usually just buy them (go Halmark lol!) but this has opened me up to a new idea of card giving! I really really loved the process. I did take me a few minutes (ok more like an hour) to get my sea legs but in the end I made a few great cards (IMHO). My husband and kids are going to love them I'm sure! My brain is swollen with ideas of cards to make for other events and holidays!
Now onto the actual point of this post lol Sugar Block Club block number 2...

I really like the fabric choices I made for this block...but my bias cuts got a bit wonky and I have some wrinkles in a few blocks that I tried to iron out but was unsuccessful.

I was able to sew the fabric flat in the construction but after final block assembly and final iron the wrinkles appeared.

The pattern as written has you cut squares then cut the squares in half to make the triangles. Making a triangle with a really stretchy bias edge.

This method always makes wonky not square blocks for me. Typically I like to cut the squares, draw the line down the middle, and sew along the line. Then trim the 1/4 inch seam off of the drawn/sewn line. For me this holds the bias in check! bad bias bad bad bias!

I could have taken the time to figure out the sizes to cut to make this happen but I just decided to go with the pattern as written and here we are.

I am going with what I have. It is in fact not a really big deal-e-o.  My feeling is once I add sashing... and maybe some corner stone...s then do the final quilting... and then after the first wash these little wrinkles will blend in and be a thing of the past :)

The finished size per the directions is 12.5x12.5 and I am exactly on!!! over all it is a cute block and I am happy!!!


We are now into a new year! yeah for 2014!!! And with each new year comes some new sewing projects for me!
I just love BOM (block of the month) clubs and have decided to go along with 4 of them this year. My theory is that this will give me one project each week to keep me busy.
Add all this with my WIP projects and everyday fun... I plan to have an awesome 2014!

First up! I have decided one of these BOM projects will be a quilt designed by Amy Gibson on her blog: http://www.stitcherydickorydock.com/
It is not a free pattern but the price is low ($7.95) and this get's you an email each month that has a pattern to follow using your own fabric and a recipe for a sweet treat to cook as well! Plus, she is also adding a personal challenge for us to keep the year upbeat and positive.

So, first up the block!
Here is my completed block :) like all things in life this one is not perfect, in fact is really is way off lol!
January Sugar Block Club 2014
My dilemma this month is that my regular sewing machine is in for repairs so my choices were to wait until the shop called and I got my machine back (with all the fancy quilting gadgets and presser feet) and get a really accurate quarter inch seam or go for it and use my daughters machine.
Patience is a virtue I do not really have when it comes to getting things done (why wait when there is work to be done??) so I went for it!
In the end I have a smidge bigger than 12 inch block that can be pulled slightly and will end up at the desired 12.5 inch square size. And since this quilt is for me I am totally good with this!
I just love the colors on this one (note to self get a photo box made so you can take some better color quality pictures!!!).

I do not have a stack of pre-purchased fabric for this quilt. My plan is to buy and/or gather from my stash what I need each month to make the block. I like doing this because it helps stretch out the expense of purchasing fabric and I don't have to commit to any one line or specific fabrics.
I intend as well, to use the purchased fabrics with the Farmer's Wife Quilt I am working on. Also, maybe (if it fits with the theme of the person I am sewing for) the block I need to make for my other BOM (Stash Bee) this year that entails sewing something for someone else. Thrifty ain't she ;)

Next up the personal challenge: Be intentional
Amy's advice, and how appropriate for January ah, is to make plans for things that will make you a better you, what ever they may be and do it! Be intentional with yourself!
I am not really sure just yet what this will mean for me. I am a pretty direct person and lead myself strongly in a direction I (and stress that "I") want to take (I am married so some exceptions are made for him ;).
In the past I have allowed others to influence me into being or doing something that I was just not committed to. I did things (like work for a company I was at odds with because the salary and benefits were great) that did not serve me mentally and spiritually. I am no longer employed and am much happier inside and out!
One goal I am thinking on is getting the gumption to do a 5k run this year. I am not sure where to start exactly but it is on my mind!

Lastly, the sweet part of the month :) after all it is the "sugar" "block" club right!
Amy has shared her family's favorite "Hearty Pumpkin Pancakes" recipe. And what a coincidence!! This fall I ended up with a bunch of pie pumpkins that I cooked up and made into homemade- preservative free- pumpkin puree! yippee! Too bad they are all frozen in freezer bags at the moment because I would totally make some right now! updates to follow...

Thanks for reading along,
Happy Sewing!!
Melodee :)


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