Saturday, April 12, 2014

Once Upon a Time BOM 2014

APRIL 2014
I just loved stitching up this months block :) Goldilocks and her three Bear friends! Look how sweet, 3 bowls of porridge!
And here is my sampler overall progress to date...until next month :) Happy sewing!

MARCH 2014
Here is my March block all cute and finished :) Three little pigs and one adorable big bad wolf.
this makes the first row of stitching done and I just think it is so adorable!
I am already thinking up ways to finish this piece once all the stitching is done. Traditionally cross-stitch pieces are framed and hung on the wall, and I may do that, but I am also thinking up something different :)


I am really getting to posting this really late but I have had this done for a little while :) promise!!
I just love that February was all about lovey dovey kissie stuff!!!


And here we go again...another block of the month :)  I just love them!

This time I am breaking from the traditional quilt block and working on a cute kawaii cross stitch. This pattern is designed by and available all year long at The Frosted Pumpkin.

And just like the traditional quilt block, this sampler has space for 12 months of stitching fun!

The theme for this sampler is Once Upon a Time and thus fairy tale stories and characters! How cute is that! I was not sure I wanted to do another BOM cross-stitch this year. I did the Woodland Sampler one from The Frosted Pumpkin for 2013 and while I liked it I wasn't sure I needed another stitchery around the house. Truth be told, I am running out of wall space to put them :)

But, I really got into Fairy Tales last year via television. I just couldn't get enough of them. Then when the email popped into my mailbox and when I saw that it was fairy tale inspired I knew I had to do it!

This month I stitched Snow White and two of her dwarves. They are so stinkin' cute! I really took my time and had fun! Nothing complicated about these patterns.

That is part of the appeal for me. I am not bogged down with the drudgery of tons of color changes and lots of blending threads and I can easily pace out the work by picking tiny goals. Like one day I stitched the top row of two dwarves and the clothes line. Next day was clothes on the line and the apples.

I did get off to a late start with this sampler. The pattern itself was not available (I get each months pattern pack emailed to me) until January 10th. Then, I had a hard time finding the fabric to stitch the design on. I finally found what I needed at a some what local cross stitch supply store. I am using an even weave linen in a sea-foam green color with strands of sparkle woven in.

Initially I wasn't quite sure about the green. The pattern creator used a brownish fabric that I could not find in my area and while it was available online I didn't have the $30 needed to special order so I went local and found green.

After completing January's stitching I am very happy with the results! The white on Snow Whites shirt does not really pop at you but it is still visible and not really blending in so all's good there!

Even with getting a late start I was able to call this months block done in the nick of time lol January 31st!

Today, the first of February, I was emailed February's chart. I took a quick peek and it has a frog on it! So I will sign off now and get that one printed off and ready to stitch up soon!

Happy Sewing!!
Melodee :)

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