Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sewing progress

And here we go again ;)

I've been working hard to hand quilt this one up. I'm more than half way done!!

A couple more days should do it!

Happy sewing,

Friday, January 25, 2013

At it again :)

I am at it again...working hard!

So happy to be hand quilting again...even if it is an idy bitty quilt.

I had all the fabric on hand so I went out today and picked up the needed batting and a quick google search for images landed me this flower motif and away I go....

I'm planning a week to quilt then bind this one.

Nothing special about the style really, just a bunch of 8 inch squares. But it is made from left over fabrics I've used in other projects...so a stash buster I guess.

Whatever you call it, it sure is fun :)

What are you working on? Bet it's cool too!!

Happy sewing,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Craftsy 2012 BOM end

I was going over the blocks from the Craftsy 2012 block of the month and noticed I was one short :(

After sewing up this block I now know why I put this off!!!

I am not a big fan of paper piecing and this block is no exception! But, it being part of the BOM it will be done. I'm determined!!!!

This block is sewn into quarters then together as a whole. This pic is the first and I do have the second complete. My plan is to do another quarter tomorrow and finally finish up on Monday.

Hopefully my finish will be accomplished with no major hiccups... Again paper piecing is not for me :)

Once these blocks are complete I get to line up all the blocks and get the top planned and sewn.... Then onto another top to quilt... But all that for another day ;)

Happy sewing,

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A second life

> One of the greatest things one can do when they know how to sew is mend.
> I have this gray thermal shirt that I've had for years and well, it's just my favorite!
> Recently the sleeve ends have become tattered and just a mess.

> I decided to cut off the bad and create a new cuff. And best part is, I didn't need to buy a thing to do this.
> My husband goes through many a t-shirt and I took one of those cast aways and cut new cuffs and serged them on.
> And now I'm a happy lady who has a favorite shirt back in use :)
> Having a great day!!! Happy sewing!
> Melodee
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chapstick Cozy

I just finished up these three super cute cozy's.

 I've had this project on my mind for while now. But wanted to wait until I had the modern ins and outs quilt done before adding more work to my super crowded sewing table...lol it's a real mess!

But...moving on...I first saw this on...where else but...Pinterest!  

I followed the tutorial (see link pasted below) in it's entirety except I used a 1.5 inch D-ring. As you can see from the picture this size worked just wonderfully for me.

I love this project. I won't go all -it's easy peasy- on you but I'm almost ready to. See the issue is really me and not the tutorial. I am a bit of a perfectionist and don't always feel bulky sewing gives me that crisp clean all lined up look that I desire. But all in all I am very pleased with the results! And it took me maybe 20 minutes to cut, interface, and sew these up!

If you like what you see follow the link and give it a try! 

Happy sewing :)

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Done!!! Modern ins and outs

I am so happy to be posting my latest completion!!!!!!

I've named it "Modern ins and outs".

And I've made a wonky kinda label for it. Basically it's a 9 inch square folded into a triangle with the raw edges out and the turned edge whip stitched down. I love it!

What do you think??

Now on to the next project...I know just the one! Status update soon!

Happy sewing,

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Around the corner

So I'm not exactly sure what my exact sewing goal was for today but... I was able to finish one short side!!!!

I've rounded another corner and have one more corner to do!!
Tomorrows goal will be to get half of the second long side quilted.

I'm hoping to get the last of the outer border quilting done before this weekends warm up. Yeap! That's right!! Weather is predicted to be in the 50's!!! I will have to find some machine work to do to keep a blanket off my lap! No problem!!

It's always great to have a plan... Here's hoping life doesn't interfere ;)

Happy sewing!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Goal met???...fail :(

Well, today's sewing goal was to complete one small (top of quilt) border.

That did not happen... I am about 2 feet too short of that goal. But, I've decided to call it an end for tonight.

Today was still a very productive day despite my sewing failure. I for one am holding to that!

Now onto bed and a good read :)

Happy sewing...until tomorrow!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sewing goal met!

Today I set out to quilt one of the long sides of this crazy color modern quilt (still working on its name).

It's near impossible to tell but I made it from one corner to the next!

I'm happy with the quilting technique and stencil so now I just need to keep stabbing away ;)

Tomorrows goal will be to compete a short side and maybe go around the corner and do some of the other long side... But let's not get too far ahead here... Lol

Sewing goals are awesome motivators don't you think!

Happy sewing!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hand quilt: Matt's modern quilt

The holidays are over for another year and it is now time to get serious about getting serious work done!

The project I've decided to make top priority is this modern quilt I've created for my eldest son.

I actually pieced this one some time in 2012... I'm thinking August maybe.

As typical, I had no idea how to do the actual quilting so the top was put aside until inspiration struck!

A couple weeks ago I decided a simple 1/4 inch around the center blocks was a good idea. Quick note on style...I'm using a large tapestry needle and 8mm pearl cotton to quilt it. My stitches are kinda big but I love it! I've used this method before and have never had a broken or snagged stitch. And, the quilts wash up just fine too!

I completed all of the 1/4 inch outline quilting of the center blocks late last week. This week, I've committed myself to doing the inner small border (pictured here). I just love it when you figure it all out!!!