Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quilting Book Club post--Quilt top #1 all sewn up!

And here it is: Quilt top #1 all sewn up and ready for the sandwich stack and quilting. I went a little off script on this one. The directions given did not show off my selected fabrics well so I opted to go a different direction and am very pleased with the results!

I have been thinking about how to quilt this quilt for a few days now. Not sure how that will go...machine quilt? hand quilt? hand quilt with plain hand quilting thread? go for the show effect and try my hand at hand quilting with pearl cotton? not sure what way I will go but I do know it will be next week when I need to have this decided by...more on this project later :o)
Happy sewing!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quilting Book Club post #2

I am off to a better start. I got the book, did my shopping, and have cut and sewn the blocks together!
 With my pile of 30 blocks ready to go I am now on track to complete this quilt top with the rest of the group :o)

Next we get to sew up the quilt top --displaying the interesting zig zag-- that with proper block position will show a very interesting design! I am so excited!

Want to join me in making this quilt? go on over and check out the club.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Quilters Book Club post #1: Quilt Basic Ease

Well I just got my shopping done and managed to cut out what I need for this quilt...sort of..I made a real rookie mistake and cut a strip 5 1/2 inches and not the needed 6 1/2..UGH back to the store we will go!

But for now here is my fabric selections for this quilt. I would love to do one of those nifty type on the picture moves but I have not gotten to that part of my dummies book so for now I will have to describe.

so from the top down...#1 pink is for the light,#2 poka dot is for the medium, and #3 the jumble up circle flower one is the dark. 4th in the stack is for the binding and finally the dragon fly blue is for the backing.

I am so excited to see how these crazy colors come together but what ever it is I know I will love it forever!

I have cut the strips and sewn what I can, even made one sneak peak block.

here it is my first block and only 30 more to go! I took the pic this evening indoors and the lighting stinks!

I have my box to make the photo stage thing to get better quality pics--yet another WIP! but in real life the colors are WAY more vibrant!

And the final layout will be a Topsy Turvey array of this same block...hopefully tomorrow I will get to post and share my finished quilt top! cross your fingers! :o)

The times are a's my blog

It's been quite a while since last  I blogged, summer travels will do that to a gal :o) but here I am!

I am still reading up on the ins and outs of blogging with my library book, blogging for dummies. Still not hip on the name of the book but the information is sound.

But I wanted to share the fact that I am a crazy woman and have added another WIP (work in progress) to my never ending things to create!

I am really excited about this though--kidding aside. I have joined a sew along of sorts over at the Quilting Book Club. Here I will attempt to create a quilt a month!!!! A gal just can't have too many comfy quilts around!

So far I have purchased the required book: Modern Basics by Amy Ellis from .
The first quilt the club is working on is titled Basic Ease and tonight I will be fabric shopping--don't have enough in the stash and what I do have I have used so many times I am kinda sick of it right now :o).
The weather predicted for my area is rain this weekend (for now) so my plan is to get caught up on this one...more to come...happy sewing!