Friday, May 13, 2011

Quilters Book Club post #1: Quilt Basic Ease

Well I just got my shopping done and managed to cut out what I need for this quilt...sort of..I made a real rookie mistake and cut a strip 5 1/2 inches and not the needed 6 1/2..UGH back to the store we will go!

But for now here is my fabric selections for this quilt. I would love to do one of those nifty type on the picture moves but I have not gotten to that part of my dummies book so for now I will have to describe.

so from the top down...#1 pink is for the light,#2 poka dot is for the medium, and #3 the jumble up circle flower one is the dark. 4th in the stack is for the binding and finally the dragon fly blue is for the backing.

I am so excited to see how these crazy colors come together but what ever it is I know I will love it forever!

I have cut the strips and sewn what I can, even made one sneak peak block.

here it is my first block and only 30 more to go! I took the pic this evening indoors and the lighting stinks!

I have my box to make the photo stage thing to get better quality pics--yet another WIP! but in real life the colors are WAY more vibrant!

And the final layout will be a Topsy Turvey array of this same block...hopefully tomorrow I will get to post and share my finished quilt top! cross your fingers! :o)

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