Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hand quilt: Matt's modern quilt

The holidays are over for another year and it is now time to get serious about getting serious work done!

The project I've decided to make top priority is this modern quilt I've created for my eldest son.

I actually pieced this one some time in 2012... I'm thinking August maybe.

As typical, I had no idea how to do the actual quilting so the top was put aside until inspiration struck!

A couple weeks ago I decided a simple 1/4 inch around the center blocks was a good idea. Quick note on style...I'm using a large tapestry needle and 8mm pearl cotton to quilt it. My stitches are kinda big but I love it! I've used this method before and have never had a broken or snagged stitch. And, the quilts wash up just fine too!

I completed all of the 1/4 inch outline quilting of the center blocks late last week. This week, I've committed myself to doing the inner small border (pictured here). I just love it when you figure it all out!!!

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