Saturday, April 12, 2014

Triangels Triangels everywhere!

The Sassy Quilter

I have decided that it is time to sew up a new quilt...I know I sew every day but that is sewing small bits that will fit into a larger bit, or a block a month stuff. This time from start to finish all at once is the plan.

I was nervous about this idea. I am not always so great at getting down the business on big jobs and getting them done in a timely manner. I do have quilts that have taken me 20 years to do!!!

I have decided to just jump in there and go for it! I also was not to easy about the idea of sewing a ton of bias stretchy edges into a quilt!! However, I was taken in by the possibility of how cute this could be!

The pattern is from The Sassy Quilter and the pattern is called The Triangle Quilt Along .

It is set up so that in about a month you could have a finished quilt. I did get off to a late start on this, being that I was undecided that I even wanted to try such an adventure. But once committed I am sort of keeping pace with the group. (In all honesty I am a wee bit behind and missing out on all the give-aways but I am totally ok with my pace).

Now that I am 9 rows in I am so glad I decided to sew this up!

Check out all my poka dot fun! I went shopping with the hubbie and littles and asked each of them to pick out four poka dot prints and as long as they adhered to that rule what ever they chose was going in! They listened and here is what they chose :)
The pattern calls for 12 rows but I think I will end up making mine longer or bigger...however you see it :) I have some 6 foot men in my house and it would not do to have a short quilt on the couch!!
I have used up all the heavily starched triangles I had cut so tomorrow I will be doing more starching and more cutting and more assembling.
And I shock myself with this but I actually for once it seems know how I want this one quilted! I plan on doing multiple circles. A small center with outer rings...not sure if there will be three per or what but I have it in my mind and we will see what comes of it when I get to the point where I am actually quilting it :) pictures to follow!
But up next I have committed myself to quilting my stash bee quilt! I almost have a hand quilting plan for that one lol... I am such a mess when it comes to the quilting part! Tops I can do...quilting it up...not so much!
Well gotta get back to the grind stone!
Happy Quilting,
Melodee :)

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