Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Farmer's Wife Quilt Update

Farmer's Wife Quilt
Block number 42: Fruit Basket
Progress is being made and I am happy! This is not a really difficult block to stitch up but there are 28 pieces that needed to be placed. And each of those pieces are small! This finished block is 6 and one half inches square!
There are quite a few half square triangles in this!! I did the HST method I like best.
I cut the fabric (the pattern will call for a triangle, I just measure the length and width needed and cut a square) needed into two matching squares, drew a line down the middle, sew just to the side of the line, then trim the seam to a 1/4 being sure to cut on the side of the line that has the stitching.
I do it this way for a couple of reasons. First, it is so hard to keep a triangle from not stretching while you sew it! Bad bad bias edges! But, by keeping the fabrics as squares sewing it will keep the firmness in place and give me a near perfect piece. Second, I like to sew just to one side of the drawn line. This helps with keeping the seams accurate. It is hard to believe really but just that little bit of fabric you gain or lose will make a world of difference in the final block size. And since these finish at 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 you don't have a lot of wiggle/stretch room to play with.
I will also maintain that I may be going about this totally wrong and please feel free to completely disregard my version...but this works perfectly for me :)
Block number 39: Friendship

I have really let this project sit on the sidelines of late. Not that I don't enjoy making these blocks but it was an out of sight out of mind kind of thing.

I had originally thought that I would make a plan to do one or two blocks a week. This plan has proven to be unattainable. So, my new plan is one a month :) With any extras as super bonus!!

Here is the one I chose to complete for this month. I just love it! The colors go so well in my mind and they will also be the fabrics I use for my February Sugar Block Club quilt. Or so I hope...well, not having actually seen what the block will look like this is a really big maybe, but that's my plan anyhow :).
Here is the stack so far...really beginning to add up! I don't have an exact count of what I have done but I am sure I am somewhere in the 70's with 111 total blocks to be done.
One of my next plans of attack for this quilt is to decided on finishing fabrics. There will be corner stones, setting triangles (this quilt is set on point blocks), and sashing strips.
My color selections for the blocks are so all over the place that I don't really have an easy or obvious color to use. This decision is one of those that is always floating around in my head and will at some point finally come to the point of fabric purchase :)
And look who is keeping my chair warm while I do all this block sewing and blogging :) My Rosie Snow is such a helpful puppy!

Time for me to get back to hand quilting that grandmothers flower garden quilt!!
Happy sewing,
Melodee :)


Yanick B. said...

That's going to be so cool when done. Where did you get the pattern for those blocks? They look so perfectly lined up.

Melodee said...

Hi Yanick. The patterns are in a book called The Farmer's Wife. I found my copy at my local library. They are really challenging but I like making them!