Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby It's COLD outside!

Here in Michigan the weather has turned very bitter cold! the words Artic seriously come to mind! We are generally well prepared for the winter months, but this cold spell is beyond what we are used to.
I do plan to keep the kiddo's and dog indoors but if we do need to venture out it will be necessary to have the proper equipment.
The one thing I see as lacking in our winter preparedness is a nice hat/face mask contraption.
I am scanning the internet looking for some ideas to create such a thing from what ever I happen to have on hand. And possibly a fabric store trip to buy some fleece.
So far I have found the hat part that I feel will work well. I have two choices.
First up is one I have made many many of already is the Snowy Day Hat by See Kate Sew.
Second, I like this one too from The Crafty Gemini.
But, I am not completely sold on this idea. I am also liking the idea of a ski hood as well. Oh the design decisions haha!

Next I need to find the face mask part of this contraption.
I did a Google search for "face mask pattern" and this little gem came up from Craft Passion. It is a pattern to make a face mask, like the one doctors wear :) not sure this is going to help me make this hat but it's a good resource to have...just in case.
My images search has led me to believe that I could make a fleece tube that had rope-like elastic band on the top to help hold it in place while wearing. I am going to mock up a hat and present my findings later.

Here's to design success!
Happy Sewing,
Melodee :) 


Diane-crewe said...

in the UK we have knitted items called a balaclava .. (after the place most probably!!) we wore them as kids xx keep ears and face cosy xx.. mind you if the wool was scratchy drove you MAD!! lol x

Melodee said...

I did a google search for the balaclava and yes I like it! It is kind of like a hood too! thanks for the heads up. now to fashion up a pattern and make some!