Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wash cloths or dish rag

How ever you define it I made some of these wash cloths/dish rags today :)

I am a repurpose reuse kinda gal. And I just love that I have a really useful way to repurpose my old bath towels!

The idea, to give credit where credit is due, goes to my Aunt, who passed on this idea to me a Christmas or two ago.

I had 2 bath towels that had seen better days. The decorative edges were ripped or frayed and while the towels were still made of usable material their actual shrunken size made them annoying as a bath towel.

So, using my quilting ruler and cutter I chopped them down to 9 inch squares. One towel will become many many wash rag size towels!

I used my favorite quilt binding technique and sewn a binding to the edge. (tutorial to follow- some day)

So tonight 4 are complete with a big ol' stack ready to be sewn up tomorrow!

Hope this idea inspires you to complete some of your own!

Happy sewing :)

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