Sunday, September 16, 2012

Scrap clean up

I have, like many quilters, an ever growing mass of leftover fabrics that keep piling up.

I do apply the rule to check the stash before I head to the store but still it grows.

I don't wish to just get rid of my fabrics but rather was looking for a constructive plan to use up some of them.

An Internet and pinterest search have landed me this grand idea.

I am still loving the English paper pieced hexies so when I saw a block like this one I totally went for it!

Each block is made of 14 three inch hexies. I see them into 4 rows.
3 hexies
4 hexies
3 hexies
4 hexies
After all hexies are on the paper and stitched into a solid mass I square up the block and sew on one and one quarter inch white strips.

Next picking strips of blue (or what ever Color scheme I'm working with) 2 inch strips.

A note on the strip lengths. I am not being careful with the lengths. I've decided to use a more free formed style. The width is certain but the length is what ever it needs to be to add the length on.

My plan is to make each square out of a different color group. First up is the blue group.

I am loving these blocks! Hope you like them too :)

Happy sewing :) more blocks on the way!!

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