Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cleopatras puzzle block

My September Craftsy BOM block #2 is done!!!!

This is a very very difficult block! I almost did not have enough patience to do this...all those curves!!!

Yes I did do the second block before the first- lol.

The plan this morning was to check out what this months blocks looked like- I had no clue.

Well! After printing the directions I was a bit floored at this technique!

I watched the how to video and gained a bit more confidence.

I then decided my sewing plan was to only cut out (no sewing today) each of the pieces used to construct each square. I did that and curiosity got me.

I gave it a whirl with the ones on top of the cut pile- Cleopatras puzzle. After the first curve was sewn I just kept going getting more done but becoming more frustrated. I decided to just get it done! And went for it, and well, here we are...done!

Thank goodness there is only two blocks like this in this quilt and whew! one is done!

tomorrow I will try my hand at the other block :)

Happy sewing!!

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