Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quilt sleeve on!

Don't we all have those need to do's that are so easy to do we often wonder why- after we finally complete them- why oh why did it take us soooo long to do so???

Yeap this is one of those for me!

I made the quilt in its entirety. My hubbie made the really nifty quilt display rack and hung it on the wall. I then proceeded to drape my finished quilt over the rod and not sew on the hanging sleeve.

So today was the day! I decided last night that today no matter what!! I was going to make that sleeve! And look at this!!! It is done :)

I use a very simple sleeve pattern that I optioned from my local Modern Quilt Clubs web site.

Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild:

I am hoping this cut and paste URL trick will work. If not I'll imbed it the not lazy way some time :) but here it is, the link (or perhaps address) of the tutorial I use to make my quilt sleeves.

I'm a very happy quilter today :)
Happy seeing!!

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