Sunday, September 23, 2012

Napkin's are needed

For oh so long I have dreaded my families use of paper towels. As a large family we go through a lot!!! And with every purchase I feel we are wasting money and resources.

So today, in an effort to reduce our use and dependency on a non-reusable item, I made the first four of many cloth napkins to come!!

I found a really simple tutorial for the under turned edge that I just love!
Here you will be guided on how to do a simple one inch mitered corner edging.

I have chosen to make them smaller than a traditional dinner (21 inch) napkin. My beginning square is 14 inches and after the one inch edging it ends up being 13. And for me this is perfect for every day use!!

I have a big pile of brown check square cotton fabric cut to size and ready to sew up soon.

Don't know what has taken me so long to get into cloth reusable napkins but I am so very happy that I now have :)

Happy sewing :)

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