Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vively Online: Tutorial: Reversible Slouchy Beret

Vively Online: Tutorial: Reversible Slouchy Beret

Here I am in my newly made slouchy beret! I just love it! The instructions above were so incredibly easy and the results are just what you see! For this project I used 2 old t-shirts my hubby had given me for that t-shirt quilt--waste not! I followed the insturctions and made for myself this very handy pattern.

  • I taped 4 sheets of regular copy paper together--in this case orange

  • found a center point on my page and made a dot

  • used the above links directions to find how large the outer circle should be and made lots of dot points that far away (in my case 6 inches) all the way around to create a circle. then connected these points to create a full circle. hard to see but check out the outer edge of my pattern

  • repeated the formula for the center circle

  • cut out my pattern

  • then used the pattern to cut out the 2 circles needed

  • *side note! it is kinda hard to see in the instructions but you will need to cut 2 circles one with the center hole and one without from both fabrics. so in the end you will have 4 pieces, two with a center hole 2 without.

  • then I cut my 2 band strips folling the directions to find the correct length

  • took all this to the sewing machine, used a stretch stitch stitch...and wa-la I have a very cool slouch beret that I am sporting --even to church this evening :)

Hope you try one for yourself!! It's fun and easy! Happy hat making!

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