Thursday, February 2, 2012

Craftsy: BOM February

Well here it is! This is attempt #2 and while I'm not loving it I am keeping it! This is a tough one to keep everything aligned! My first attempt was not successful :(. My intent was to end with a 12.5 Inch block but it ended at 12 inch- bummer!
I recut fabric- resewed each block being oh so ever careful!!! And in the end I am at 12.5 inch square but i have to block it to keep that size.

In the end it will conform to the necessary size so I am satisfied!
So glad this is just a block and not an entire quilt!!

And now here is february's #2 block--much easier!

I guess block #1 was lots of bias edges and I guess I am not so skilled at that. Well I am happy to report that I am done with this project for this month :o)

Good luck with yours! Happy quilting :)

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