Sunday, January 8, 2012

Progress :)

Wow! Did I do some cutting today!!

First I cut up my hubby's collection of gun t-shirts separating fronts from backs.
Then, ironed interfacing to the backs. Then cut them up into 15 inch blocks.
Next will come the actual quilt construction but I must shop for the material. I'm just so happy to have part one done!!!

The plan is a 12 block quilt and so far I'm on target :)

And because I am crazy (hehe kidding) I drug out my fabric stash buckets and de-stashed away by cutting my 4 inch strips for the Dresden plate quilt (link is on the top left) -scrappy plates- I am sure I cut way more blades than I'm going to need but I'll figure what to do with those later. For now I'm just tickled to have had such a productive day!

Hope you did too! Happy sewing :)

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