Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Motivation helper! rock on!

Well, well, am I an excited lady today! I have been working hard to complete/stay on task on my Grandmother's flower garden quilt. I have even made it the focus of my Finish it Friday.

Now I add another layer of get it done with One Flower Wednesday!
On this site you are asked to complete one flower every wednesday and post your results...oh man I am so in! I guess the plan is in to get this one done this year!!!!

And how convenient it is Wednesday today!!!!...gotta go post my most recent flower!! Happy quilting :o)


Karen said...

Welcome to One Flower Wednesday Melodee! I can't wait to see your flowers, will you be posting them on this site?

Melodee said...

yes I will be :o) thanks for having this site for me to post on! I need lots of encouragement to get this one done THIS year! lol