Sunday, January 22, 2012

T- shirt quilt hand quilting

Man O Man am I excited!!!

I have so many quilt tops lying around waiting to be quilted... Waiting for me to figure out how it should be done...

Well I figured this one out quick! And I can't contain my excitement!

See the quilt's theme is NRA/guns and I needed to do quite a bit of quilting in each square (my interfacing is pulling away in parts).

So I brainstormed guns...guns...NRA....!!!!! Eurika! Crosshairs!!! (target!)

This would not only complement the theme of my quilt but gives lots of quilting going on to hold down my fabric sandwich!!!!

Happy dance.... Tap dance....

Ok I'm back on task phew! And now to get this one quilted!

Oh, and I should mention that I am hand quilting using white hand quilting tread and a size 7 sharp (no I don't do it "right" buy it works for me.

To make the circles I have found 3 round objects around the house (largest being a dinner plate) to use to make the circles and a plain Jane quilting ruler to make the 1/2 inch in the square border and the center lines.

I am boiling over with energy right now! Gotta get back to my quilt...

Happy quilting :)

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