Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rosie bed

As Ben Franklin said, necessity is the mother of invention...and throw in some great blogging inspiration and you get success!

I am so happy with the results of this project! You see my cute puppy there?? Yes, that one! The one who loves to sleep on the ottoman and falls off in the middle of sleeping and the one my hubby wishes would move to the floor any how???

Well, I came up with an idea to make her a doggie bed/pillow and make everyone happy.

A google search for "dog bed" landed me at I found a super cute and easy tutorial to make a fleece dog bed.

Now, to be completely honest I didn't exactly follow her tute to the letter. However, I did harvest her ideas and adapted them to suit my needs.

I just happened to have an old burgundy flannel flat sheet in my sewing room and I thought perfect!

So I cut a biggish hunk of the sheet off and folded it (how to do this is in the tute) to ensure I would end up with two layers. I free-hand cut a sorta circle. Opened it up and found two kinda circles. Then, I went back to the remainder sheet and cut a long strip that was 8 inches wide. I followed the tutes directions here and folded my edges over and pinned the first sorta circle to this strip and sewed. I repeated this with the second. After sewing I turned the pillow right side out.

Now, I have a kinda resolution for 2013...basically I aim to use what I have on hand-force myself if I must- before I buy anything new. So, keeping this in mind I searched my house for stuff I could stuff this bed with. And what I found was perfect!

Last year I made my hubby a T-shirt quilt. It turned out perfect! But I was left with an odd assortment of cut up knits. Why I've held onto them who knows! But in they went for this project. Also, I had an old pillow that was washed and dried but as these things go, didn't fair too well. It was all bunched up and messy. I cut the pillow open and stuffed all that mangled mess into the dog pillow. With the help of a daughter we smoshed around the dog pillows contents until it felt right. then I whip stitched closed the stuffing hole. A big plop on the floor of our new dog bed and our project is complete!!

Our Rosie is off the ottoman and not on the floor! Win win in my book :)

Happy sewing,

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