Monday, February 4, 2013

Flowers in bloom quilt done!

Here is another scrap buster I just finished today :)
I began this very simple 8 inch squares quilt last year some time.
I made the quilt top (from stash material!!! yeah) and received the check fabric as a gift. I laid my two layers onto another and it sat in a pile of I need to get to that soon stuff in my sewing room ( room).
Like many of my UFO's and WIP's it sat waiting on money to buy materials to finish and how to quilt it.
I made up my mind about a week ago that I was going to do a large flower hand quilted in each block stitch.
Then, sticking with my, I must at least try to find supplies around here before I buy any more plan, I decided to use a purple cotton thread I had lying around.
Now to be honest many would not think to use this particular thread. It is, in fact, the same stuff my grandma's used to make crochet doilies and such years ago. Who cares what the stuff is intended for right?? Right! Not me! I went with it and just love it!!!

Now that this is done my plan is to do some small ---get done fast stuff cause it feels soooo rewarding to see stuff done--- stuff!!!
More later ;)
Happy sewing!

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