Sunday, June 24, 2012

Neck cooler

Tomorrow we all ( even the boy :)) go to girl scout camp. And we are soooooo excited!

This will be our 4th time at this camp and it is just a blast.... BUT ....camping this time of year means IT IS HOT!!!

I have several methods to keep cool. First, I wear light clothes. Keep a cooler close stocked with ice. Have a spray bottle that I can use to mist myself as needed. And finally the best thing ever!!! My neck cooler!! I was going to make a tute of my own but low and behold (so typical right!?) there is already an awesome one out there! Check it out :) These things are the boss! It takes a 4x36 inch piece of cotton fabric and about 20 minutes. Throw in some special polymer crystals sewn in a simple way. Let soak in cool water then BAM! Simple but awesome neck cooler! I want to add a couple of must does! First, don't go crazy with the crystals!!! A little goes a LONG way!! Also, you MUST hand wash these!!!!!! And, when not in use DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT store them in a plastic bag!!!! They will mold and be ruined! Instead I like to clip my using a clothes pin to a shelf by the basement stairs. The polymer crystals will eventually dry up (but then can be rehydrated when needed). This typically will take about 2 weeks. And then you can store them any way you wish :) I keep mine in a gigantic beach bag ready for the lake! Also, one final note. While using your neck cooler it will eventually warm up to match your body temp. No fear, it's a simple remedy! Rewet it with cool or cold water. Easy peasy! Hope you like this cooler as much as I do! Happy sewing :)

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