Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Finish it Friday...almost

Well here it is.

Two "new" outfits just completed by my for me :)

I know, I know, they are nothing fancy AT ALL! and truth be told they are only refashions of stuff I had in the closet anyhow...

BUT! this morning the outfit on the left was a too big and bulky tshirt I hardly wear and the shorts were a oh so too long pair of way to baggy-leg bootcut jeans!

And the outfit on the right was a long sleeve tshirt top that the sleeves had shrunk (how did that happen??) and the shorts were long legged pants (which I did wear but I have girl scout camp next week and need 5 outfits for the wilderness and didn't have enough...well on my way now!).

I have so many "hangers arounders" (don't we all though??) that I felt/feel it is high time I do something about this clutter that is bogging me down!

my decision many moons ago was to get going on the PILE of UFO's and WIP's that have depressed me for some time now.

and to report on that I am doing great there!

I have piles more to go...tomorrow's task (if I stick with my agenda) is to make myself a new night gown that I really really need! stay tuned for that update ;)

Thanks for reading, happy sewing!

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Genee' Davis said...

This is totally.great! So glad you posted your blog.too!!!! What a great thing to do with your clothes! How neat!!! Now I need to relook at my closet to find a redo! :-) Thanks for sharing! I also son for about.4 years total! ;-) We'll talk some time about that! :-)