Wednesday, June 13, 2012

super cute tote tute for ME!

Again I have been a bit out of touch...working on lots of stuff. My goal is to complete lots of need too's.

So, to this I add my first plan to "use up" some canvas I have on hand. a not so quick google search landed me to a very cute blog, poppyseed fabrics.

Here, this cool blogger has shared a very simple but effective tote tute that I am to get to tomorrow! pictures to follow :) MADE TODAY!!! yeah me!

I did not vere too far from the original directions so go to those to see the nuts and bolts, but what I did do different I will talk about here...

all my pieces cut out :)

First, I cut out all my pieces.

BUT! I did not have the webbing for the handles as required in the directions.

AND per my personal rule to use what I have on hand I had enough of the yellow to make my own handles.

So this is what I did. I cut 2 strips from the yellow fabric.
5 iches by 36 inches.

I folded the strips down the center and ironed them flat.

then I folded one side then the other to the center (just like making bias tape).

then I folded both sides back to the center and ended up with two (again just like bias tape) handles :)

I (edge stitch) sewed up one side and down the other of both straps.

not exactly necessary because you will need to sew up 10 iches to attach the handles to the bag but I figured the extra stitching was not a problem.

Plus, I could not figure out how I was going to stitch the top of the handle once I had it attached the the bag???

My only other "diversion" was no batting.

I used a regular weight canvas I figured it would be "stiff" enough that I would not need the extra thickness the batting would create.

I read the directions which stated to sew up the strap to the top of the batting, which was to be cut 10 inches.

Using this knowledge I measured up the strap 10 iches made my mark and sewed up one side (edge stitched) to the 10 inch mark, then down the other.

worked perfectly!

and my final adjustment was when I had followed all the directions and had a completed bag. I was not happy with the "floppy" top. I pinned and ironed the lining into a happy place then edge stitched all the way around.     
One bit I did notice was the I had ironed the handle straps down. Usually on these types of bags the handles are allowed to be a bit floppy at the top. I am sometimes a lazy sewer and had no desire to stop my stitching and begin again, so I sewed the straps down. Still looks cute to me :)

and here I have it! another completed project from the stash!!!!

I just love getting things done! Happy Sewing!!!!

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