Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Super Mario Guys here we go!

My sons, like many boys of their generation just love, love, love anything Mario Brothers related.

So a few nights ago I was online just surfing and observing looking for inspiration when I ran into this most awesome site that has free Super Mario Brothers cross-stitch patterns :o)

The featuring blog is so interestingly titled Gatchastitch--and if you know me personally you know what an interesting coincidence this name is!

anywho--I printed out my patterns and went to the cross-stitch bucket and pulled out most of the necessary colors. Do you believe I still do not have EVERY color DMC carries, ha, me neither! shocking!

My youngest sons favorite right now is Luigi so that is where I started. I cross-stitched the night away until I had my image almost done. will need to go shopping to finish.

I had the cross-stitch done and thought OK so now what to do with this adorable little sprite???

well one of my favorite classic quilt squares right now is the sawtooth square. I decided to pair my sons favorite guy with my favorite block we have this beauty:
let'sa go! Luigi is in the race!

I did have to make some unhappy adjustments. I needed my Aida cloth to be 4.5 inches, but I had on hand only 4 inch squares (cut for a Christmas ornament project that never got done) so I have made do with what is on hand adding the cloth border to the adia cloth to increase its size to 4.5 inch square.

I will post a tutorial on making this sawtooth block soon! must take some pictures!

All in all I love the result. I have the Mario cross-stitch done (have some missing floss there too -ugh!) and have cut the sawtooth pieces and as soon as I am awake tomorrow that one will be all sewn up and added to this post!

updated April 7, 2011: ok  as promised I am updating and adding that most awesome pic of the completed Mario cross-stitch within the red sawtooth block:
Mario is my pal!
Oh and yes, I am planning on using appropriate color fabric too. Meaning that Luigi is always wearing green so you see the outside of the sawtooth is green.

His brother Mario is always in red, so the outside sawtooth fabric will be red.

Next up will be Toad, and he is always in white with red poka dots--this may prove to be a tricky find, but if I can't find it, white muslin and red fabric paint will help me make my own!

Right now my inspiration has only taken me to making the guys and gals into the simple quilt square where we go from here in still in that making....

updates to come--this is so exciting!!!

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