Saturday, April 2, 2011

My need for a BOM has been appeased!

I don't know why it is but I feel as if I just NEED to have a block of the month (BOM) project going.

The reality is I don't NEED it at all! I give myself plenty of opportunity to be creative and crafty and get stuff done. I guess it is the joiner in me that loves to do things on a schedule and know that there is something fun coming next month!

All this leads me to my newest (began in January actually) BOM for this year.

I found this particular BOM while surfing the web and devouring all the neat-O sewing blogs. Over at Little Miss Shabby I found the cutest BOM!

And I am hooked!

My version of the January block
If you want to sew along start here to get the supply list and images to print to make one for yourself, but below are my rules for this quilt.

So what I did, don't remember if this is the rule given on the site, but I selected 20 different fat quarters of fabric and cut them into 2.5 inch strips then cut those into 20-- 2.5 squares.

My personal rule is that each block will have the same random selection of the same 20 squares and that the floss colors will some how complement those pieces but not every block will have the same exact floss colors.

also the center block will be the same blue cotton fabric for each of the 12 month blocks. a re-use fabric from when Emma was Mary for All Saints Day at Church.

My version of the February block
I just loved the February block--maybe because it is my birth month and that is special or just the lovely love these two birdies are giving :o)
March is so rainbow-luscious!
this pic shows the 2.5 squares off well. again, no one fabric is ever repeated per month but the same 20 squares will be used each month in a random order. seems that some keep popping up next to each other, guess i just like some together ;o)
My April block all done up!
I am also sewing up the blank block the month before I need it.

So right now I have these 4 months done and am about to go pick up all the pre-cut pieces for next months and sew it up so that come the first all I have to do is print the embroidery image, tape that to a sunny window and trace (I use a #2 pencil--I know there are other ways but I don't mind the graphite--it'll wash and wear out eventually--and I am making this for me--not for competition or for sale).

What I love about this BOM is that the links are available on the first of each month. I know that is the general rule with BOM, but some blogs/websites have posted late and that is ok--I get that we all have busy lives, but I am so excited for the 1st of the month to come and a late block makes for a sad, sad sewer!

let me know what you think! happy sewing!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You are so clever, as I have already stated. What size are the blocks; and how big will the quilt be? Connie K.

sewcrazy said...

Adorable! Definitely going on the to-do list! Good project to work on up at the lake.

Melodee said...

I don't know all the details for the entire quilt.

The designer keeps us in the dark a bit to prolong the excitement!

but the inside square is 8.5 with the 2.5 square so the final size of each block is 12 x 12.

she has a blank view of the quilt (don't get to see the monthly embrodiery image until the 1st of each month) but it looks like a good sized quilt.

I have made so many baby sized ones that i am happy when they are twin or bigger!

thanks for the compliments, they mean a lot!!!