Monday, April 18, 2011

Home School find!

I like to search the web for interesting ideas and crafts to do with the kids for school and am ready to share one of my finds now :o)

So a while back I found a very cute blog (Home School creations) that has very fun preschool printables for free! I have even subscribed to her blog in google reader (don't you just love google reader--if you don't know what I am talking about you should! check it out

so today while reading up my reader posts I saw she had posted a new bird preschool pack on her blog.

This preschool pack is a collaboration with another lady named Carisa.  I am not familiar with her work but I have printed her pack and will check it out...but looks cute so far!

I am very familiar with Jolanthe's stuff and we (me and Sophie especially) love it!

Last week we did the robot preschool pack and it was full of fun learning activities--even though she is a girl Sophie was tickled to do the robot stuff. Roger was in on the action too, even though he is way beyond preschool work, but it was nice to allow him to delve in and have fun!

My strategy for these packs is this.
1. I print out all the pages in the pack (unfortunately right now I just have a black and white printer so the ones that deal with color have to be hand colored (great coloring practice!)
2. I divide the pages into groups based their ability to be combined then place wrong sides together .
3. I place the pages into a laminating envelope and heat set it. this gives a double sided page. Some pages will not work this way, those I keep separate and laminate in a page on its own.
4. once the pages are laminated I hand over to Sophie and arm her with a bunch of dry erase pens and she goes to town!

for now we have the Robot pack printed and laminated and in use:

Roger oversees as Sophie practices her penmanship skills on a Robot activity page

soon we will have the bird pack going, so exciting! check it out and let me know what you think!

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