Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WIP/UFO Farmer's Wife Quilt

It's that time again. Time to dig out an old but not forgotten project and put some work into it. This time I'm going at my Farmer's Wife Quilt. 

On Instagram today I stumbled upon a post that just excited me!!! Yep! A quilt a long!!! QAL :)

It doesn't begin until September 2015 but it's over at Very Kerry Berry.

I have quite a few of the blocks already completed but lots is not all so I'm going to follow along and work on mine. In fact, a couple of mine I think will be redone. I was not completely happy with them but once you just finish something it needs time to rest before one chucks it and goes again... Right?!?! Haha 

She plans to do hers with reproduction 1940's prints and I love that BUT I started mine with a scrappy approach of using anything quilters cotton and ima gunna stick with it. 

A month or so ago I put the project into a plastic bucket so it's very accessible and all together. So no excuses not to do this! I'll have to see where I'm at when the QAL begins but the plan is also to add the saashing and begin putting the top together as well. So, if she does a block that I've already done... Add my sashing and bam... An easy sewing day!

The exciting part is I found another post on Instagram that shows in enough detail how to finish the top in a way I like more than the original design.  It is now time to bump this project to the top of the in progress pile! Yeah :)

Follow along on Instagram with the hashtag... #fw1930sqal

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