Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lazy lazy blogger!

Here I am again--finally! I have been a very very lazy blogger.

I have many many excuses--but who really needs to hear more excuses! not me!

but putting all that aside--I have awesome sewing news to share!

I am so excited to report and share that a really cool sew-a-long is planned to go on over on so many really cool blogs. I have placed a button on the right side of my blog for you to follow along with me.

Quilt Dad

The plan is to complete 2 blocks a week created and posted by various bloggers.

The start date is not until Monday Janurary 24th and the first block up is from Quilt dad.

Check out all the fun here and I hope to hear from you and see all of your wonderful blocks in the Flickr group!

Happy sewing!

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