Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Yoopers Delight!

It is a fact that within the USA there are locations that have a type of person that we give a funny name to. We have such a term here in Michigan.

Our state is made up of two peninsulas, an upper and a lower. And we have a term for those guys 'up north' we call em Yoopers. and they have all kinds of facts and stereo types about them.

One fact about them is a style of food that was made popular years ago when the cooper mines were in operation. This food is called a pasty and they are this really delicious bread pie you can hold in your hand and enjoy--sorta like a sandwich.

My husbands family are these such people and we do love your pasty's!

So last week while at lunch at my in-laws house, my brood was treated to a very sneaky sorta pasty--not a real pasty but a knock off that is still quite delicious! and I am going to share this simple treat with you! :o)

first we gather our ingredients:

a bit of flour, a pound of ground beef, an onion diced up to how you like it, some cheese--any hard yellow cheese will do, a package of store bought ready-made 8 count biscuits and a rolling pin. first we chop the onion--I kinda minced mine because my family is not onion friendly.

I began frying the beef a bit, drained off some of the fat then added the onion and cooked until the beef is browned.
next I opened up the biscuit package and with a lightly floured surface I rolled out the biscuit then topped with the cooked beef/onion mix and added my cheese.
I smooshed it all together into a pizza pocket like shape. *if you use too much flower just add some water to your finger and smear along the edge-this will help "glue" the edges shut.
ta da! now repeat for a total of 8 fake pasty pies.

place them on an ungreesed cookie sheet in a 350 degree oven for about 14 minutes. Keep an eye on them cause ovens vary. you are looking for the dough to brown because the meat inside is already cooked--and cheese melts easy!
YUMMIE! we top ours with a bit of ketchup and dig in!

Hope you like this feast and much as we do! now go dig in!

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