Friday, March 25, 2011

Tooth Fairy Please Beware!

So last night my daughter (aka Miss. Junie B) came to me with a mouthful of blood. What is going on I say --as I am freaking out --thinking what just happened in the other room!

nufin mom, she says, I fink I just wost a toof!

Well indeed she did--a canine and her 9th she proclaimed!

so after the tooth was safely recovered from the pool of blood in her mouth and she and her mouth all cleaned up and ready for bed--again--'we' decide it is high time 'we' make that monster pillow for the kids to use when they lose teeth--a big habit going on in our house these days.

Tooth Fairy Beware! there's a monster over there!
I have had my hand on this pattern for quite some time, I guess waiting for a good reason to make it, and now we have one.

So tonight I dug through the fabric and felt stash and came up with this combo...oh and I should mention that I obtained the original pattern from a very cool blog called the long thread...check it out:

oh and the safety pin--well we are having a mother daughter moment here--I want more stuffing she likes it less--so for tonight the stuffin' hole is being held with that pin to prevent our monsters inners from coming outters---we will settle this some time--some how :o)


sewcrazy said...

I'll definitely be making 2 of these for the grandsons. Really cute! Thanks for the idea and link!

Melodee said...

your welcome--they are super quick and easy!!! I just love that there is something on the top of the bed that is easy for the toothfairy to get too!!!!