Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Scrappy Dresden update

I have finally found the gumption to get back to this quilt.
Today, I sat on the couch and hand stitched my Dresden plates down onto the background square.
I do recommend that, and I did so here as well, you cut the background block slightly bigger than the finished block. I cut mine to a 15 inch square.
This allows for the "shrinkage" that is possible when you stitch down the plates.
Later I will go back and trim the blocks to the desired 14.5 inch block.
Tomorrows plan is making and stitching down the center happy to be getting this one done! My living room has an empty wall just waiting for this quilt to occupy the empty space!!
If you wish to try your hand at making this quilt please check out this link:
Hopefully I'll be able to report more progress tomorrow :)
Happy sewing! Thanks for reading!!

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